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Birkat Stones

Birkat Stones

Birkat Stones is a specialist in Granite (quarrying & processing) incorporated with the intention of serving the increasing demands of granite in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and America. Having our pedigree in the Indian granite industry since 1989, we are renowned for providing value for money. Having our quarries in India and with the ever-increasing demand on the processed Indian granite we have set up our facility to make sure that the supply is continuous without compromising the products’ quality with minimum lead time. We work to find tailor-made solutions for your projects.

Uses of Granite: Granite is a hard igneous rock and widely used in construction projects to produce impressions of elegance and quality. Granite comes in a vast range of colors. Because of its appearance and nature, it can be used for various purposes in various forms. Whether it is rough stones or finished stones, slabs or tiles, polished or unpolished can be used uniquely. What makes Granite better than Marble and other natural stones? Granite’s crystalline structure makes it shiny and glossy in appearance. Less porous and toughest and strongest when compared to marble. Hence it is more resistant to abrasions, absorption, staining, scratching, and discoloration. It is more durable, easy to clean and thus less maintenance needed.  Unlike Marbles, it is not sensitive to cleaning products, acids, foods like citrus fruits, vinegar, wine, tomatoes, and other liquids. Effect on Weather: Granite is usually a durable natural stone and very resistant to any climatic conditions Colors we process:

  • Black Galaxy
  • G20
  • Steel Grey
  • Black pearl
  • Tan Brown
  • English Teak 

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Available Sizes:

  • Tiles
  • 30 x 30cm 
  • 60 x 30cm
  • Cutter size Slabs (65cm wide)
  • Undersize(115 cm up-length)
  • Below size(length-Below 115cm upto 179 cm)
  • Length slabs (180cm up length)
  • Gangsaw slabs

 Thickness: usually comes as 10mm/ 17mm+/ 18mm+/ 20mm+/ 30mm+ Custom made thickness for special orders    

Available products Best suitable for
Sawn/finished sized blocks Building purpose as structural elements/outdoor paving
Semi polished/dull finish Outdoor or indoor paving/indoor flooring
Polished (Glossy finish) Indoor interiors as decorative stone/counter top/Table tops/flooring/Backsplash/work stations/elevated counters/
Lapathro Less slippery hence used for outdoor paving /indoor stair Tread
Pre-sealed Outdoor garden paving(Pre-sealed to avoid stains and weathering)
Sculpted Outdoor memorials/pillars/elevations 
Granite tile  Indoor toilet flooring/wall panels


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