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Birkat Farms

We aim to give the best quality at affordable prices

Birkat Farms, strategically located in Niger State is home to hygienically bio-fertilized, and refined rice grains processed by in-house bio-experts into short grain & long grain parboiled rice for mass market supply and consumption. We aim to give the best quality at affordable prices.

BIRKAT RICE, coming to be one of the best rice brands in Nigeria. Moreover, our brand will gain the love of the people with Our quality product. The BIRKAT FARM’s BIRKAT RICE, which will soon be one of the most sought after rice in the country and the good thing is that it is a PRODUCT OF NIGERIA.

The rice has a premium quality with natural nutritious and healthy value. Birkat RICE is STONE FREE, fast and easy to cook with the result that is firm and non-sticky.

Birkat Rice is gluten-unfastened, low in fat, parboiled, 100% sortexed, long grain premium rice. It is non-sticky and includes all eight essential amino acids, folic acid, and may be very low in sodium. Quite recommended & good for every occasion.

The farm is currently growing on 40 Acres of land to adopt various internationally proven techniques, with anticipated 500 Acres to launch the scheme in the first phase of the project implementation. In 2020 planting season the farm’s target of the first production at commercial quantity on 500 Acres to achieve 1,500 metric tons of rice paddy.

With Niger State being the largest producer of Rice in Nigeria with a present production of 545,700 metric tons, Birkat Organics aims to add to the tall tally by producing about 1,500 metric tons of rice by 2020, when the farm would have achieved full capacity rice operations in the first phase. Birkat Organics plans to expand cultivation to 20,000 Acres of land in the second phase of our expansion with a capacity to produce about 60,000 metric tons of rice.

Rice as a preferred and common staple has lately taken flight from the meal tables of most homes due to non-affordability. It is not a story the common man will tell with joy. We are here to solve it.

The picture, often linked to global economic recession which has equally affected other areas of human life in Nigeria as much as elsewhere, is however not irreversible and is being reversed. The ‘reverse’ or change process, which is slow but strategic, has seen by BIRKAT FARM, applying the New Agricultural Development Technique Agenda (NADTA). NADTA centers attention to latest Technique of rice production in Nigeria, Niger state.

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