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Birkat Energy

Birkat Energy

Birkat Energy focuses on alternate energy generation, not only do we propose clean electricity generation solutions but also we provide solutions that can limit the use of electricity or eliminate usage of electricity resulting in conservation of electricity.

Gasifier Based Power Plants

Birkat can set up power plants at different sites with steam generation using input raw materials like wood briquettes and similarly available biomass-based products like coconut shell, sawdust briquette, Swiss grass briquette, bio-waste briquette, municipal waste briquette, etc. which are available in abundance.

We offer a turnkey solution with Biomass gasifier system, Ash handling system, producer gas scrubbing, and tar removal system, gas generators, we can also include waste heat recovery Boiler and hot water generation in sites where the steam and hot water can be utilized.

The owner should provide the biomass in briquette form of required size. The moisture content shall be less than 10%. In case moisture is more than 10% (limited to max 20%), then the dryer system shall be provided by the owner to dry the biomass. The biomass preferably is stored in a shed.

The gasifier shall be designed to produce gas sufficient to generate 250 KWe, or its multiples like 500 KWe, 750 KWe, 1250 KWe and 1500 KWe for various sites.

The gasifier system shall include a conveyor belt system, reactor, cyclone, gas scrubbing system, and tar removal system. This is an integrated and automated plant with state of the art technology meant to work 24×7 duty cycle. The ceramic reactor is designed to withstand high temperature oxidizing and reducing environment.

The gas quality is superior with a heat value of approx. 4.8 MJ/Kg. The engine exhaust heat can be used to generate steam in the boiler connected with the exhaust circuit of the genset. The boiler will have a diverter damper to modulate the exhaust gas through boiler depending on the steam requirement. The boiler shall be smoke tube type complete with the heat exchanger, economizer, Diverter damper, feed water pump, electrical control panel, instruments, and safeties, etc.

In sites, Hot water generation is offered with Heat Recovery PHE using Jacket water heat. The hot water required by the process shall be available at the secondary flange of the PHE.

Mobile Solar Generators

Designed for residences, small office, and remote locations; this is a compact and portable power unit which is easy to install and start generating electricity within minutes delivery profitability from day one. Delivered as 0.5kW & 1kW units

LED Lighting solutions (Industrial & Commercial)

BIRKAT is representing its alliance partner Bals Elektrotechnik (Shanghai) Co Ltd with headquarter in Germany. LED luminaires and electric panels are manufactured from our facility in China. Bals spends 10 percent of the revenue on product R&D, and this ensures that our customers get cutting edge products of the best quality. LED products certified by CCC, CQC, TUV, and KC. We deliver the best results of Lumens per watt with minimal deterioration. We provide EPC lighting solutions as well as supply.

Lighting Solutions we Offer

  1. Lighting for Industrial Applications
  2. Lighting for Manufacturing facilities
  3. Lighting for Petrochemical Industry
  4. Street Lighting
  5. Offices & indoor Lighting

Advantage of Bals LED Lighting

  1. Energy Saving
  2. Long life span
  3. High efficiency
  4. Low heat generation
  5. Reduces maintenance costs
  6. Low environmental impact
  7. Broad range of colours and hues
  8. Instantaneous switch on

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