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Birkat Bio Organic Products

Bio Fertilizers

Bio Organic Fertilizers (BORFERT):

BORFERT a standalone – all in one Bio Organic Fertilizer that is easy to handle (transport, store & apply) and gives you a significant increase (30% to 100% depending on the crop) in yield than all the conventional/ traditional/ chemical fertilizers and still costs less (by up to 50%) than your fertilizer costs. It is also non-toxic & eco-friendly.

less on Costs
30 - 100%
Increased yield

Farm benefits of using BORFERT:

  • Improves plant vitality, root mass, seed germination, and transplant’s health
  • Enables crop to withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • Builds up disease resistance and pest resistance in plants.
  • Corrects nutrient deficiencies and strengthens weak or damaged crops/ plants.
  • Improves and speeds up growth rate and productivity.
  • Stimulates re-germination of crops/ flowers.
  • Increase in crop’s quality – by taste, size, uniformity, and color.
  • Increases the ability of the plants in the absorption of essential nutrients and their utilization.
  • Stimulates microflora in the soil, stabilizes soil pH level and neutralize soil acidity.
  • Provides soil bacteria, improves tilth and water retention of the land.
  • Activates bio-augmentation and bio-remediation of toxicity of soil from previous use of chemical fertilizers into a healthy ecosystem.

Economic benefits of using BORFERT

  • Profitable to use -Economical and cost effective, reducing up to 50% of traditional fertilizers costs
  • Easy to use –Simple application, non toxic, space saving and easy storage, transporting or handling.
  • Conserving of natural resources and environmentally sound organic eco farming
  • Has no harmful effects on plants, animals, humans or the environment
  • Safe and non toxic, ensuring food safety and quality

Bio Fuel Catalyst

BFC is world’s first and only 100% bio-natural liquid catalyst that when added to petrol and diesel fuels in a fractional quantity, can enhance the original fuel molecule itself to enable highly clean and efficient combustion which reduces total emissions by an average of 50% while cutting fuel usage and improving performance.

reduced emission
increase in fuel efficiency
better performance

BF is an immediate solution to solve air pollution because it is :

  • Easy – just add to fuel
  • Efficient – 0.1% added to fuel to improve emissions by about 50%
  • Safe – It is derived from bio-natural hydrocarbons for complete matching with fossil fuel hydrocarbons

Bio Livestock DE+

Livestock Probiotics DE+ is a blend of micro-organisms, mostly lactic acid bacteria, yeast, and molds. Mix DE+ with feed materials for livestock and poultry. This mixture suppresses harmful microorganisms in the animal intestine; produce digestive enzymes like amylase, lactase, lipase, and cellulose; enhances food digestion; decrease the production of odorous gas and improve the immune response of the animal; thereby resulting in improved feed conversion ratio.

5 -10%
better FCR

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