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Birkat Advanced Construction Technology & Management

Advanced Construction Technology & Management

Birkat delivers value to its clients & partners through a unique approach that marries construction know-how and strategic alliances. Stakeholders of Birkat have been involved in multiple high profile projects in the GCC for over a decade.

Almost 90% of the construction projects are affected by time delays or cost overruns apart from the usual quality issues. We are here to solve these twin problems and others.

We provide solutions, which creates value for money & time. Our approach is always result oriented, and we have delivered solutions in almost all kinds of construction projects. The Technology (a dozen of them) that we have are scientifically proven and are commercialized. It is originating from Germany, Australia & India. We provide an issue-based solution with one or combining much suitable technology to produce useful results in addressing the issues of our highly esteemed clients.

  • Low-Cost Housing
  • High-End Housing (Constructed in short durations)
  • Community Development
  • Urban Infrastructure
  • Marine Structures
  • Oil & Gas Projects (Upstream & Downstream)

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